D & D Emerge USA



Two years ago today, March 23, 2021, I intended to do an emerging series on Perspective and Reality. My humble heart had every intention to do so. However, in reality, I got STUCK actively engaged in activity opposed to idleness. Sounds like not too bad a thing. Afterall, I handled the daily tasks and routines that warranted my attention. But Denise became tired. Others saw my busyness as “getting it done.” That was their perspective and no longer my reality. I no longer multitask the duties of daily responsibilities flawlessly. My pacing the floor was not of thrill that I had gotten it done, but of the deadline – which I gave myself. If it wasn’t for the Truth that revealed itself in me – God helped me.

So, I’m here to recollect this on you. Whose perspective and reality are you listening and conforming to? Are you currently trapped in “stuck?” Join me on Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 6:30 pm to start the dialogue on “getting unstuck” and Perspective verses Reality. It only took me two (2) years to re-emerge. But I’m here.

If you are interested in a virtual zoom conversation on this very topic, please register on my website, www.ddemergeusa.com or email me at dtaylor2emerge@gmail.com. I’m so looking forward to seeing you all become free as butterflies.