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PIECES OF ME, A PERFECT FIT program via zoom meeting

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm starting April 18, 2023 

Pieces of Me, A Perfect Fit is a transformational series that speaks to the hearts of individuals struggling with life’s difficulties.  The four (60) minutes workshops will be held twice a week via zoom for four (4) consecutive weeks helps participants navigate safely to wholeness.

The goal of Pieces of Me, A Perfect Fit is to help participants understand necessary change.  This will occur as participants take an inward look at themselves without being stripped of their dignity and self-respect.  The program also helps participants understand the value of others and their roles in society.

Following the weeks of individual and group participation, the measure of success for each participant will be a greater sensitivity and respect for self and others as they continue to work toward living healthier lifestyles.

All of D & D Emerge USA empowerment sessions are designed to accommodate individuals, families, couples, and groups regardless of socioeconomic class, race, gender, or nationality.

Certificate of completion rewarded to each participant at end of the program. 

Pieces of Me, A Perfect Fit Mentoring Workbook is available to purchase for $15.00 via PayPal and credit card.


Friends for Life is a 21-day hands-on program that pairs elementary and middle school aged students together for interactive activities that promote honor and respect for one another.

Friends for Life is to assist students in activities that steer them away from adverse and aggressive behaviors that are characteristic of bullying.

The goal of Friends for Life is to model practices of good attitudes, values, and behaviors that respect and honor different cultures; that recognize differences of strength and abilities of their peers.

Implementation of program will start school year, 2023-2024.  Workbook available for purchased for $15.00 via PayPal and credit card.

FYI. Workbook is in revision.  TBA.

Certificate of completion rewarded to each participate at end of program. 

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Alere for Women

Alere is Latin for – to feed, to support, to cherish, to educate, to nurture, to nourish.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm-7:30pm starting May 2, 2023 via zoom.  

Alere is a strategizing program for women of all nationalities, race, socioeconomic, cultural background, abilities, and disabilities.  This program discusses various situations in which women often find themselves needing redirection. 

Like the Pieces of Me, A Perfect Fit program, Alere for Women consists of four (4) sixty (60) minutes workshops held twice a week for four (4) consecutive weeks.  All topics are appropriate for diversity of women, where the participant learn how certain events have played roles in their struggle.  By identifying and resolving debilitating experiences, the road to a greater life becomes possible. Also, by identifying the one experience that makes for success, sharing will be encouraged.   

In each session, there are activities to assist each participate in setting guidelines for healthy beliefs and clear standards in their lives.  Alere, Curriculum for Women is the next step to maturing into self-confidence.  Alere welcomes every woman participate to their transformation!

To register for either Alere workshops, email us at dtaylor2emerge@gmail.com.

Due to the COVID-19, all sessions will be conducted Via Zoom until further notice. 

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Live Life Baby...

In today’s world, we face a great deal of turbulence, be it from the policial spectrum, the economic environment, the struggles with daily living, or whatever is one’s experience.  D & D Emerge USA offers a way of escape, via empowerment sessions toward transformation to live one’s best life. 

My brother, Cliff echoes these very words, “Live life baby” at the end of some of our conversations, a reminder that though we experience valleys lows, our opportunity to escape into the beauty from our ashes is just a breath away.  So, in the words of my Cliff, “live life baby.”