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Fragrant Power

An unknown author quoted – “The blossom cannot tell what becomes of its fragrance as it drifts away, just as no person can tell what becomes of their influence as they continue through life.” I can certainly agree with that on so many levels. Our fragrant flower options aren’t limited and come in all shapes. […]


Often, we allow ourselves to be seem through the eyes of another. But do we understand what we are allowing? We may be relenting to a mindset and viewpoint that doesn’t belong to another. Why? Because we can take on the persona of what others think of us and mimic a personality that doesn’t fit […]


Two years ago today, March 23, 2021, I intended to do an emerging series on Perspective and Reality. My humble heart had every intention to do so. However, in reality, I got STUCK actively engaged in activity opposed to idleness. Sounds like not too bad a thing. Afterall, I handled the daily tasks and routines […]


Our life, our story. Our past, present and future – ALL OF IT – belongs to us. And it doesn’t mean that we should be put in a category, tossed aside, separated socially, or be devalued, discredited, or discarded because of it. Once more, we must stop trying to measure up to someone else’s story. […]


The Process of Becoming Whole: Perspective versus Reality Remember when we were younger and everything that we experienced made sense? The clothes that we wore, whether hand me downs from our older siblings that were worn and tattered; the styled hot ironed or teased hair that put us at an advantage with our peers; and […]

Hello World!

Denise here! I want to welcome you to my first blog of the year. What a ride it continues to be as I emerge into my new beginnings, yes, at this age of maturity. I will not reveal my age just yet. Give me a moment with this one. In the process of emerging into […]