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The Process of Becoming Whole: Perspective versus Reality

Remember when we were younger and everything that we experienced made sense? The clothes that we wore, whether hand me downs from our older siblings that were worn and tattered; the styled hot ironed or teased hair that put us at an advantage with our peers; and even the crowd that we hung out with – all made sense.

At every level of maturity, or shall I say – immaturity – our perspective was handled carefree. Therefore making the early reality of those moments actively in the hands of another – our parents yes?. The reality were, we lived in someone else’s house that we didn’t pay rent in. Our sustenance were supplied by another who cared deeply for us and we just didn’t realize the extent of their offerings. And prayers were lifted on our behalf by parents who understood that there were no other way to keep the family safe and sound but through prayer on bended knees.

Parents reality and children’s perspective woven into a net of responsibilities and perhaps hopeless situations, often led to a world where learned behavior became the norm. The dependability on others from our birth until the age of departure from home had the tendency to make one entitled. That attitude remained a staple in the life of one who becomes stuck in their own reality, but sees with a perspective that only makes sense to that individual.

Stuck does not give way to the challenging of one’s own assumptions. Stuck does not allow one to look at their immediate state with clarity. Therefore, anything that stuck references is not accurate nor is it useful for development into wholeness. Let’s make one thing clear. If we are to create the life that we desire, let us start with the COURAGE to move out of complacency toward the goal of true confidence. It is okay to have perspective. But make your reality one that carries the promise of fulfillment. And look, we will get there together!

In my next blog to you, let us consider more on perspective versus reality. Also note this date. Saturday April 3rd at 11:00 am, please join me for a virtual zoom meeting where we will start the dialogue on “getting unstuck.” If you are interested, please email me with your email address at dtaylor2emerge@gmail.com. I will send you an invitation to join the talk.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you there.

In Christ love,

Denise Taylor