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Hello World!

Hello World!

Denise here! I want to welcome you to my first blog of the year. What a ride it continues to be as I emerge into my new beginnings, yes, at this age of maturity. I will not reveal my age just yet. Give me a moment with this one.

In the process of emerging into new beginnings and leaving old endings, I had to remind myself to just breathe. Slow down and just breathe. It is going to take some time for organization and structure of this new venture in life called “my time.” Actually, “my time” has occurred multiple times in my life. But, as always, I still need to engage my existence in an exercise of slower inhaling and exhaling. Sounds a bit strange! Really, it’s not. Have you ever tried encouraging yourself while on a fast pace forward – to just slow down and breathe?

Our life can get hectic at times, and fast. Parents are in a hurry to get their children off to school. Employees are in a hurry to be at work on time. Authors have a deadline to get their books to the publishers. Event planners scratch their head when details of an event suddenly change – only one week before event. Even ordinary, everyday routine of life can literally take one’s breath away. Unbeknownst to us, holding our breath while in a hurried state can become a problem.

According to google research, holding your breath for a minute or two is considered safe enough. Doing so longer causes an abnormal heart rhythm. It can decrease oxygen flow to the brain, causing fainting, seizures, and even brain damage.

So, while transitioning and emerging from any dysfunction of the soul, remember to breath and give your brain and heart the nurture it requires for development. Spring forth into the beautiful soul you are meant to become.

Emerge every woman from the ashes of despair into the beauty of hope. Emerge every man from the pity of shame into the joy of dignity and strength. Every one of us have contributions to create and share. There are those who await our gifts and talents that will help navigate the pursuer in their journey. Even if we all are contributing or duplicating some of the same offerings, this is a big world to get to work in.

Everyone’s path to wholeness begins and ends somewhere. Let us find our place in the movement of process.

To all the women in my realm of influence and across the globe, today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day, and the entire month is Women’s History Month. The opportunities to be our finest is before us. In the following weeks, I will be blogging a series on Emerging and how our realm of influence takes flight through that process of becoming whole.

I look forward to getting there together with you!


Denise S. Taylor